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pd bike week 2016

Its been a while since i post, here’s another event i forgot to upload.

Port Dickson Bike Week 2016 , me and my band was invited to perform there and most probably this year 2017 again same venue somewhere around September.

Currently we are busy busting our asses trying to compose new materials. Another target is that we might submit entry for Rock The World insyallah. Here’s a picture on the event, i got the video of the performance but i’m a bit shy of my own performance, well i’m not a good singer.

Just whatsapp me or message me (you know where to contact me) if you want to see the video.

Everything…but the rain

When it rains, im going depressed, i dont know how should i feel…

To me the heart is like a burden to human, why why why…why do i have a heart, can i just alive without a heart?

Why i have this feeling, the uncertain feeling that im gonna miss her so much when she’s not around in the office anymore…why why why