About Me

My Unkymood Punkymood (Unkymoods)

  • Born as wandi
  • I dont live on social media
  • My number still remains the same 016-4****21
  • my ig : zulhauzri
  • Taurus
  • Call wandi among friends
  • Live on the NET by the nick jahred, wandi – not exist anymore
  • Fat, Long Hair, geek…
  • Music best describes me
  • Listen to everything that needed to be heard
  • Hobbies are Musics, Fun Stuffs & IT Related?
  • Not So Damn Good Looking
  • Likes English Poetry & Lyrical
  • Freelance IT On The Call
  • You can contact me via saya (at) buroks.org , but i dont promise a reply
  • To Do List (The Strike Showed That It’s Been Archive)

  • Improve my skills
  • Improve my knowledge
  • READ – 35% complete
  • Study
  • *important disclaimer… please read

    I tempted to hide my online contact, only allowing it to certain2 people who are important in my life but use this INCASE of emergency ONLY..to be ignored if you are unknown on my list,and ask stupid question/spamming/playing guessing game such as ‘hi bole kenalan…saya peminat awak…’ or something equal to that…i’m pretty much annoyed .i will happy to reply if i know who you are…

    Please provide the details…who you are…once PM me…using the online contact which i provided on the main page.
    This also applies to those who sent SMS to my phone…i will reply 3times asking ‘who is this?’ if still dont give the answered i need .I’m sorry i’ve already felt annoying…TQ

    What i display on this site and what my notes or comments about if it include or you felt that the person i talked about is you…i dont give a damn…it’s my personal server anyway…if you dont like it i dont give a f**k…anything displayed inside this blog it’s just what i feel and what i want to share…but mostly what i’m try to say because i dont have anyone to share with except this blog…i dont even have any close friends to share this information with….